From February 6-8, the 24th Annual Texas Crime Stoppers Conference took place in McAllen, Texas. La Joya ISD Campus Crime Stoppers hosted the event.

The Crime Stoppers Conference presented the Texas Best Awards Banquet. The awards ceremony recognized programs within Texas Crime Stoppers that recognized the “extraordinary efforts, commitment, and dedication to their mission of solving and preventing crime across Texas campuses during the 2017-2018 school year.”

Texas Crime Stoppers puts a strong focus on “youth volunteers who work diligently on their middle school and high school campuses to keep their peers and communities safe.” The Crime Stoppers Conference provides “attendees a great learning experience with a focus on current trends and issues seen on campuses, including; cyber bullying [sic], drugs, theft, interactive self-defense classes, demo forensic labs, police station tours, operational guidelines for running an effective crime stoppers program on campus, state related [sic] regulations and requirements of Crime Stoppers Organizations in Texas, relevant criminal justice hot topics, our annual Texas Best awards and banquet.”

Payne Street Team’s Chris Marshall was in attendance for the conference providing music for the banquet and dance. Payne Auto Group is proud to support our community and have taken a part of the 24th Annual Campus Crime Stoppers Conference.

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