There are few roadside events scarier than a tire blow out. It can happen to anyone, and even if you’ve got decades of driving experience, a blow out can be just as dangerous. Many drivers make the same mistakes when faced with this issue. We care about your safety! Here’s what to do in the event of a blowout. Following these steps can make all the difference between an accident, and walking away from a tire blowout unscathed.

Don’t Panic!

The worst thing you can do during a blowout is panic. Turning the steering wheel abruptly, stepping on the brakes and taking your foot off the wheel are all ill-advised. Doing any of these could result in a loss of control, which can easily lead to an accident. In the event of a blowout, take a deep breath and remain calm, above all else.

You may be temped to jerk your wheel the opposite way when you feel your car drift to one side. Instead, grip the wheel tightly at its 10 and 2 position, and do your very best to steer straight, with stability.

Lightly accelerating after a blowout can help you maintain some control over your vehicle. Press the gas pedal gently, taking great care not to accelerate too quickly.

Turn on your emergency lights and remain calm, keeping your foot lightly on the gas pedal as you decelerate. Avoid sudden movements of the steering wheel during this time. Once you reach below a cruising speed of about 30 mph, you can then lightly apply pressure to your brake. When you’ve reached a speed below 20 mph, you can begin steering gently to find a safe spot on the side of the road. Here’s where you can call for help, or change your tire, if you are so inclined.

Tire blowout? Not to worry — we can help! Call to schedule an appointment with our service department, or simply stop by one of our dealerships if a shiny, new model is what you’re looking for.