Sometimes it may look like your vehicle only suffered a minor dent after a collision– but that’s not always the case.

Here are a few things to consider after a collision:

Frame Damage

The vehicle frame, or chassis, is the main supporting structure of the vehicle to which many components are attached. Structural damage to the frame can cause unbalance and misalignment to the vehicle and inevitably cause more problems if not fixed.

Loose Battery

Front end collisions can cause hidden damage as well, such as your vehicle’s battery becoming loose. A loose battery can cause fluctuations in voltage if the cables are loose, cause trouble with starting the vehicle, and other electrical issues, or even an opportunity for battery corrosion.


Collisions can cause cracks in parts of the vehicle like the oil pan and radiator. A crack in any of these parts can cause essential liquids to spill out, impeding your vehicle’s system.

Trunk / Hood Malfunctions

A front or rear-end collision could cause the vehicle’s hood or trunk to malfunction from the collision. Some problems that could happen are the trunk/ hood popping open unexpectedly, difficulty opening the hood/ trunk, and water seepage into trunk due to the trunk seal being damaged.

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