Over 10 years ago, most (if not all) standard wheel rims were made out of steel. Nowadays wheel rims are offered in various materials, colors, and sizes.

If you are thinking about updating or replacing your vehicle’s wheel rims, keep reading below:


Steel is still a popular standard amongst many vehicles. Steel is one of the most durable options, though it is quite heavy–weighing three times the amount of other newly popular options like aluminum.


Alloy is primarily made of aluminum but is combined with various metal types for added strength. Alloy rims are lightweight and better for performance vehicles. Alloy rims are also customizable, as they can be gold or silver plated.


Rather than the entire rim being made of chrome, the surface of the rim is coated in chrome. While performance isn’t affected by chrome wheel rims, it operates more like a primer to prevent oxidation.

Forged & Cast

Forged and cast wheels are more likely to be applied to alloy wheel rims. Forged wheels are created through the forging process of binding hot metal together into its final shape. While casted wheel rims are created from pouring melted metal into a cast mold of a wheel rim.

Carbon Fiber

Leaning more towards the expensive option, carbon fiber wheel rims can tolerate a wide range of temperatures without deforming or becoming brittle, thanks to the epoxy that binds the material. Advantages of a carbon fiber wheel rim can be less noise and vibration when driving. The lightweight of carbon fiber can also improve a vehicle’s performance.

Spinners & Floaters

For a flashier option, spinners and floaters can be added to the wheel rim. This would be purely for appearance, as these vanity rims do not necessarily add to the vehicle’s performance–though some might add weight to the wheel depending on the elements added. Though in some states spinners and floaters are illegal, so discretion is advised.

Which is the Best?

Choosing wheel rims for your vehicle solely depends on the type of vehicle you drive and what you use your vehicle for the most.

Heavy-duty vehicles may need stronger and heavier rims compared to performance or show vehicles.

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