Maintaining your vehicle keeps you from costly repairs in the future. One major part in your vehicle is its battery–but what do you do if you notice your battery starts corroding?

Read on for tips on how to clean your car battery

What Causes Buildup on Battery Terminals?

Corrosion happens on the battery terminals due to hydrogen gas being released from the acid in the battery mixing with other things in the atmosphere and under the hood.

How to Clean Your Battery

SAFETY: Be sure to wear eye protection goggles, protective gloves, and protective clothes when cleaning your car battery. Batteries contain acid which is not safe for skin or eye contact.

Cleaning with Baking Soda

Materials: Baking soda, water, toothbrush, mixing bowl, spray bottle, petroleum jelly, and a couple of rags

Mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda into one cup of water, stir until thoroughly mixed. Fill a spray bottle with water for easy cleanup afterward.

  • Turn off vehicle
  • Undo the cables from the battery (negative first, then positive)
  • Assess the battery for any cracks, deformities, or any grime that needs to be removed —if your battery is cracked or showing alarming issues, you must replace your battery
  • Dip a small brush (a toothbrush will work) into the baking soda solution and start scrubbing the terminals
  • Use the spray bottle of water to spray down the terminals to clean off the residue. A damp rag will also do well to clean off the residue.
  • Once terminals are dry, dab some petroleum jelly onto them. Doing this will prevent further corrosion and ensure lubrication.
  • Place the battery back in its correct place and reattach the positive and negative cables.

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