Switching over to an electric vehicle may be better for the environment but is caring for an electric vehicle the same as a gas/diesel vehicle?


All-electric vehicles (AEV) have fewer fluids and moving parts compared to conventional vehicles, and thus generally require less maintenance. Plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEV) have gasoline engines, so maintenance on these vehicles will generally be the same as conventional vehicles.


One thing that remains the same between electric vehicles (EV) and conventional vehicles is that you must care for the battery.

In electric vehicles, the battery is one of the only things that make it run. That being said, there are a few things you must be aware of if you’re new to caring for an EV battery.

  • Avoid leaving the battery on 100% charge for extended periods of disuse
  • Avoid leaving the battery completely discharged for extended periods of disuse
  • Know that extreme temperatures can degrade the battery life

It is extremely important to read your vehicle’s user manual for complete instructions on how to care for your vehicle’s battery. If your vehicle needs further maintenance, seek out a mechanic that is familiar with EVs.


In AEVs, there are few fluids present, coolant, brake fluid, and windshield washer fluid.

Coolant deteriorates after many uses, and this fluid helps keep the battery from overheating and degrading faster. Different EVs have different cooling systems, so it’s best to consult the vehicle’s manual for specific information regarding your vehicle.

EVs use regenerative braking when stopping, which is a method of braking using the electric motor/generator. As with conventional vehicles, it is best to routinely check your EVs brakes and replace brake fluid when needed, according to the vehicle’s user manual.


Electric vehicles should be maintained in all facets–meaning servicing under the hood and updating the software. Some EVs software automatically updates “over-the-air” while others need the user to manually update it. Read your vehicle’s manual to see if your EV has software that needs to be updated.

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