Summer is upon us in the Rio Grande Valley and as temperatures sky rocket, heat advisories go into effect.

That being said, how does extreme heat affect your vehicle, and is there any preventative care that can lessen the damage?


High temperatures can evaporate the internal fluids within your vehicle’s battery.

If your vehicle’s battery gets hot enough, the internal components corrode and weaken, which makes the battery less powerful.

While corrosion outside of the battery can be cleaned, corrosion on the inside of the battery causes irreversible damage.


Your vehicle runs on a lot of different fluids. Extreme heat can cause these fluids to evaporate or degrade.


When oil volatilizes, the lighter molecules evaporate, leaving behind the heavier components. Because this happens, it makes the oil difficult to circulate and can even reduce fuel efficiency.


Coolant is a fluid that is in your vehicle’s radiator. The chemicals in the coolant stop water from freezing or boiling in regular to extreme temperatures. Coolant also helps lubricate the moving parts in your vehicle and has anti-corrosive properties.


If your tires aren’t properly inflated, the extreme heat can cause damage to your tires.

Under-inflated tires have a higher risk of a blowout. Under-inflated tires can heat up from the inside faster and can cause a blowout, poor gas mileage, and can wear out quickly and unevenly.

Tire pressure increases as temperatures grow hotter, causing the air inside your tires to expand. Over-inflated tires pose a risk of a blowout, as well as premature wear, poor handling, and traction.


It is best to make sure you check your fluid levels, battery, and tire pressure regularly. If you’re planning on going on a long road trip this summer, be sure to get your vehicle serviced by a professional to make sure you’re not missing anything.

Protect the interior by using a sunshade protector, installing seat covers, or protecting leather seats with a leather conditioner.

Protect the exterior of your vehicle by washing and waxing your vehicle regularly to remove pollen and other debris that may harm your vehicle’s paint.

Try and park in the shade as much as possible, and maybe lower the windows down a bit to lower the inside temp of your vehicle when it is parked.

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