The engine is one of the most vital pieces of machinery in your vehicle. It converts gas into motion through internal combustion, which power the vehicle to move!

Making sure your engine is clean will not only ensure your vehicle lasts but can help your vehicle perform the best it can.

If you’ve noticed your vehicle isn’t performing the best, or your noticing sludge when you change your oil, keep reading.

Clean the Inside

Cleaning the inside doesn’t require you removing any parts, rather use a fuel additive with detergency. Many high-end brands of engine oil already include this additive. Keep up with regular oil changes as per your owners manual to prevent any fuel deposits to start forming.

Don’t flush your engine with any additives or cleaners. If you do, you must remove and clean the oil pan and oil pump before replacing. The flush will cause the sludge to clog and thus will cause problems.

Clean the Outside

Cleaning the outside of your engine can help remove any outside debris and dirt from migrating to the air filter.

Use these steps to clean your engine from the outside:

  • Make sure the vehicle is running
  • Open the hood where your engine is located
  • Remove any obvious debris
  • Take a water-based degrease cleaner and apply from the bottom up & let sit for 3-5 minutes
  • Use a long bristled parts brush to scrub away dirt and grease
  • Rinse it all off when finished, be sure not to wet any exposed wires or sensors

A bonus step for extra shine would be to use a brand-name engine cleaner to buff out your exterior.

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