Getting a flat tire is everyone’s worst nightmare when it comes to caring for a vehicle.

If you notice one of your tires is looking flat, it’s best you check the PSI to see how severe the problem might be.


PSI stands for “Pounds per Square Inch” and measures pressure.

The normal PSI rating for a vehicle should be around 32 PSI. Anything significantly lower may be a sign you have a puncture in the tire.

Check Your PSI

Your tires will lose about 1 PSI per month in normal conditions, but in hot weather, the loss increases.

Follow these steps to check your tire’s PSI:

  • Check tires when “cold,” as in before driving more than 3 hours
  • Insert a tire pressure gauge into the valve stem of the tire
  • Compare the gauge’s reading to the correct tire pressure reading in your owner’s manual (Do not compare to the PSI on your tire’s sidewall)

If your tire’s PSI is significantly lower than what it’s supposed to be, head to a mechanic immediately to get your tire repaired. If the PSI is over the number the manual suggests, let out air until the numbers match.

Stay Safe!

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