With more and more dealers dabbling in the electronic vehicle (EV) and PHEV market, the options are becoming expansive!

Extreme weather affects gas and electric cars alike, but what can you do to extend the range of your EV in the summer?

Limit A/C Use

While the heat may make you want to crank up your a/c, you should think twice about that!

Having your a/c work overtime can also drain your battery faster. Before you head out onto the road for a long trip, start your vehicle while it’s plugged in and run the a/c. Once the vehicle is cooled, unplug the charger and keep your a/c at a lower setting.

Ease Off the Accelerator

Pushing your vehicle to its limits isn’t always a great idea. Ease off the accelerator in order to save your battery from extra stress.

Instead, take advantage of your vehicle’s regenerative breaking by cruising with your foot off the accelerator. This will help you conserve and improve battery power.

Use Your Tech Smartly

The battery in your vehicle powers everything, including the accessories you use inside the cabin.

If you don’t want anything to affect the range of your EV, consider unplugging accessories you don’t need and minimizing the use of your vehicle’s digital display.

Charge Your Vehicle’s Battery Correctly

It’s a great rule of thumb for charging an EV is to keep it at mid-range, or around 80%. Keeping your vehicle at 100% isn’t wise as it can cause the battery to overheat in hot weather.

Charging to full capacity might give you the most range, but it does not help your battery last in the long run.

Stay Safe!

Payne Auto Group wishes everyone a safe time out on the road this summer!

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