One of the first things we do when we get into a car is to make sure our mirrors are adjusted.

Rearview Mirror

Adjust the rearview mirror to see directly behind you.

Taller people may find some extra visibility if turned upside down. Doing this raises the bottom of the mirror 1 to 2 inches and may reduce blind spots.

Side-View Mirrors

To adjust your side mirrors follow these steps:

Left Side

  • Position your head so it is almost touching the left-side window
  • Look into your left side-mirror and adjust it until you can barely see the left side of the vehicle

Right Side

  • Lean towards the middle of your vehicle and look into the right side-mirror
  • Adjust the mirror until you can barely see the right side of the vehicle

Test the Results

The goal of adjusting your mirrors this way is to show the driver more than just their own vehicle. When sitting upright the driver should not be able to see their own vehicle in their mirrors.

Familiarize yourself with your new mirror settings if it seems a bit disorienting at first. Practice by driving around your town before getting on heavy traffic areas.

Drivers should still take precautions when changing lanes though, as this mirror method isn’t 100% fool-proof. Drivers should always look over their shoulder before maneuvering their vehicle to make sure the coast is clear.

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