Filing a claim to your insurance after an accident should be a fairly simple process. But what happens when your insurance denies your claim? And why did your insurance deny your claim?

Read on for five reasons your insurance may have denied your claim!

Your Policy Doesn’t Cover Enough

Some claims may be denied due to the consumer’s policy doesn’t cover enough. Be sure to completely understand your policy as to see what will be covered in the case of an accident.

The Incident Wasn’t Reported On Time

It is important to file your insurance claim as soon as possible. Many insurance companies require claims to be filed within a certain time frame. Any claims filed after a significant amount of time may be denied due to the insurance company not having enough time to research the claim, or that the timeframe to claim has passed.

There is Disputed Liability

Due to Texas being an at-fault state, that means that whoever is at-fault will have to pay for the damages. If the insurance company cannot determine who is liable for the accident, the claim can be denied until more information is collected.

Violations of State Law

An auto insurer can deny your claim if they see that the accident was caused due to a violation of state law on your end. Whether it be due to an invalid driver license, driving under the influence, or if the insurer believes the accident could have been avoidable–the claim can be denied.

The Claim Was Filed Incorrectly

If you filed a claim under uninsured motorist insurance when the other motorist in fact does have insurance, the claim can be denied. Be sure to get the full information of the at-fault driver, including their insurance and contact information.

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