One major part of driving is having to be careful about collisions. According to the National Transportation Safety Board, nearly half of all two-vehicle crashes in the U.S. every year are rear-ended collisions.

So is there anything we as drivers can do to avoid rear-end collisions? Read on for some helpful tips on how to stay safe out on the road!

Keep A Safe Distance

A great rule of thumb to follow when driving around other vehicles is to follow the “3-second rule.”

The 3-second rule goes as follows:

  • Pick a stationary object near the road, like a road sign
  • As soon as the vehicle in front of you passes the stationary object, count to 3 (one one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand)
  • If you pass the stationary object before you get to 3, you’re following too close.

Expect the Unexpected

Be sure to stay alert for debris or any other road hazards that may cause the driver in front of you to react quickly. Be sure to give yourself enough time, and room, to react quickly if you need to, as to avoid hitting the vehicle in front of you.

Drive Predictably

Don’t let other drivers guess at your next move. Don’t slam on your breaks, be sure to always use your turn signals, and be sure all your lights are working properly.

Driving responsibly will not only keep you safe, but it will keep others safe too.

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