Having a pet is a great responsibility to maintain–and if you’re renting, that responsibility could be doubled.

If your dog is generally well-behaved, you may never think it will bite anyone-until it does and now you’re liable for any medical costs. If your fish tank’s electricity decides to short out and cause a fire, or tip over and spill gallons of water–now you’re liable for damages, especially if it affects your neighbors.

Protect Yourself & Guests

Renters insurance covers your liability in the case that anything happens. If your pet attacks a guest or neighbor and they take legal action against you, the renters insurance policy can help with that. Even if your guest or neighbor doesn’t get attacked, but instead gets hurt due to your pet, renters insurance can still help.

Even if your pet injures someone outside of your house or apartment, your renters insurance can still cover you.

Research Your Policy

Know that with renters insurance, your liability coverage only covers damages and injuries that happen to other people.

Renters insurance is not the same as pet insurance. While renters insurance covers things that happen because of your pet, it will not cover your pet’s health and safety.

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