With football season in full swing, getting invited or hosting tailgating parties are a must!

Here are a few tips for you to stay safe while tailgating!

Drive Cautiously

Crowded parking lots raise the chances of accidents. With tailgaters, people walking around or playing games, and even children present, you should be extra cautious when driving. Be sure to drive extra slow and keep an eye out on any potential dangers or pedestrians.

Stay Alert

Whether you’re grilling, preparing the food, or even mingling with friends, try to stay alert. Staying alert can save you reaction time if the grill catches fire, food is being mishandled, or if one of your friends has had too much to drink and starts to get sick.

Always pack a safety kit before you tailgate, including a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit.

Drive Responsibly

Have a designated driver or refrain from drinking alcohol if you are the driver. This not only keeps you safe from getting fined for a DUI/DWI, but it helps keep everyone else around you safe.

As you depart the tailgate party or the stadium, stay alert for anything and anyone you could hit with your vehicle. Drive slow and keep an eye out all around you.

Payne Collision Center

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