While the rule of thumb is to change your vehicle’s oil every 3 months or 3,000 miles (always consult your owners manual first), sometimes you may lose track of when to change it!

Here are a few signs that indicate it’s time to change your oil!

Loud Engine Noises

Have you noticed your engine is making loud rumbling, knocking, or roaring sounds? This is a key sign you may need to change your oil.

Clean oil provides lubrication between parts and protects against metal-on-metal contact. When the oil starts to break down, the components of the engine start to grate on each other.

Exhaust Smoke

While it’s generally noticeable to see exhaust smoke coming out of your vehicle during a cold day, seeing smoke any other time isn’t a good sign. If you notice smoke coming out of your exhaust this could be a tell-tale sign to change your oil!

Shaking While Idling

When your vehicle is on, the engine is circulating oil to keep things running smooth. If you notice any abnormal vibrations or shaking while your vehicle is idling, this could be a sign you need to change your oil!

Check Engine or Oil Change Light

The most obvious sign you need to change your oil is when your check engine or oil change light comes on. This happens when there is not enough oil in your vehicle’s system. If your check engine light is on, this could be a warning of serious risk to your engine.

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