Wild rodents can wreak havoc around households when not taken care of, and this can extend to your vehicle and cause serious problems.

Read below for information on what rodents can do to your vehicle and how to keep free of these pests!

Hazards Caused By Rodents

The most likely reason why rodents enter vehicles is that they are trying to seek shelter. While most cases of this happening occur in the fall and winter months, rodents can infest your vehicle at any time of the year.

Some hazards caused by rodents can be:

  • Chewing cables, wires, hoses, interior, and plastic components
  • Nesting
  • Health concerns

If you find evidence of rodent activity in your vehicle (droppings, nests, chewed items) a thorough cleaning of the vehicle is needed.

Keep Rodents Out of a Vehicle

Prevent any rodents from taking refuge in your vehicle by parking the vehicle away from tall grass/ thick vegetation, keeping your interior clean, and invest in rodent-repelling coating or devices/ sprays.

Be sure to clean your vehicle out with heavy-duty cleaners, like bleach, and air it out accordingly. Do some research on what cleaning agents are best when cleaning up after rodents, and always be sure to wear a facemask and wear gloves when cleaning.

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