With summer quickly approaching, people are getting ready to spend more time outside. Families are preparing for road trips, beach days, and even setting up fun things to do in their backyard.

If you’re thinking of adding some summer fun to your backyard, keep in mind the potential dangers that can pop up around your attractive nuisances.

Keep reading to find out what attractive nuisances are and how to protect your property, guests, and family from harm.

So, What is an Attractive Nuisance?

An attractive nuisance is a feature on your property that attracts the attention of a child and can possibly cause them harm. Examples of an attractive nuisance are: tree houses, swing sets, swimming pools, fire pits, or trampolines.

Having any of these on your property is considered a “premises liability,” which makes landowners responsible for certain injuries suffered by anyone who uses the attractive nuisance. This is especially true when it comes to children, even if they are trespassing in the landowners property.

What Should I Do?

You don’t necessarily have to remove the attractive nuisance from your property. However, know that it can impact your homeowners insurance rates due to degree of danger.

If you have any attractive nuisances on your property, be sure to disclose them when seeking out a homeowner’s policy. While this can increase your rate, you won’t have to worry about rejected claims in the future if you don’t disclose anything.

Along with having adequate liability insurance (due to any disclosures), be sure to always watch children while they are using or around any attractive nuisances. This then can greatly decrease any risk of injury and need to file claims.

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