If you’re ready to say goodbye to your current insurance company to find a new insurer that better works for you then there are a few steps you should follow.

Switching insurance carriers shouldn’t be a difficult process, but you must be sure to plan it out. This way you aren’t left without insurance for any time, making sure any claims have already been settled, and being aware of any cancellation fees that may incur.

Steps to Switch Your Insurance

Here are a few simple steps on how to change your insurance insurance carrier.

View Your Current Plan

Check your current policy to see when it is scheduled to end and any fine print you need to be aware of. The fine print will contain any stipulations as to notifying the company before cancelling and more.

Purchase a New Policy

Shop for a new policy with adequate time before your current policy ends. This is so you won’t have any gap in coverage once your current policy ends.

Cancel Your Current Policy

Once you have purchased a new policy and lined up the end and start dates, contact your current insurer to initiate cancellation. Each provider can have different requirements for requesting a cancellation, which could mean requesting cancellation over the phone, through an agent, or through writing.

Follow Up On New Coverage

On the day your current coverage ends and your new policy is set to start, check to see if your new policy is in force. Check to see that everything is set and that you’re covered through your new policy.

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