28th Annual Texas Hunters and Sportsman’s Expo

28th Annual Texas Hunters and Sportsman’s Expo

This past weekend Payne Auto Group attended the 28th Annual Hunters and Sportsman’s Expo!

The Hunters and Sportsman’s Expo took place at the McAllen Convention center July 20th-22nd and featured acts such as Joe Martin’s Snakepit and Frank Addington’s World Famous Archery Show. While walking around the venue, attendees were treated to handcrafted hunting knives, shiny archery sets, beautiful woodwork art, ethnic clothing, and heavy-duty vehicles and boats. Spurs from fellow Texans chimed through the halls to food vendors selling homemade jerky and salsa, or to admire the home decor pieces.

Throughout the Convention Center guests observed speed boats, trucks, off-road vehicles, and family-friendly cars such as the 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan courtesy of Payne.

The Texas Hunters and Sportsman Expo is the largest of its kind. This family-friendly event draws “thousands of people from South Texas and Northern Mexico” every year and attracts hunters and fishermen alike. [X]

Payne Auto Group at the Expo

Payne Auto Group was located in the second exhibit hall. The booth contained a spinning wheel where guests could spin for assorted prizes.  In a whirl of red, white and blue the wheel mesmerized passersby and guests who formed a winding line for a turn at a spin on the Regardless Wheel.

All guests received a card including 50% off a oil change and $500 off a new vehicle when purchased at any Payne dealership. On display was the 2018 Volkswagen TiguanThis family vehicle is fully redesigned for 2018. The 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan has more cargo space including third row seating. The 2018 Tiguan also boasts comprehensible driving features, a turbo 4-cylinder engine and an 8 speed transmission. Entertainment includes Apple Carplay and Android Auto.

The booth hosted country vocalist of Marshall Law and member of the Payne Street Team, Chris Marshall. Richard Moore, president of Valley Nature Films LLC, wildlife photographer, and writer also made an appearance. Richard Moore met with fans and handed out his documentaries to eager children and prize winners.

Notably, Payne Auto Group has proudly made itself known at the Texas Hunters and Sportsman’s Expo for several years. We love servicing our community and helping customers find the best deals on reliable vehicles!

For more information on the Texas Hunters and Sportsman’s Expo please visit their website.

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