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Should I Submit a Claim or Pay Out of Pocket?

Getting into a car accident can cause many problems, both financial and physical. While car insurance is made to help relieve any...

5 Reasons Why Your Car Insurance Claim Was Denied

Filing a claim to your insurance after an accident should be a fairly simple process. But what happens when your insurance denies...

Summer Blockbuster 3 with more action!

We are here to sell cars and chew bubblegum and we are all out of bubblegum! https://youtu.be/ZCG_jKP5vDI

What is the Ford Promise?

Many Americans are going through tough times this year, but Ford is here to help ease some of the stress. Ford is...

How Does Auto Insurance Cover a Hit & Run?

Getting into a car accident can be very frustrating, scary, and a major inconvenience. But what happens if the driver that collided...

Understanding Your Homeowners Insurance Declaration Page

When you sign up for homeowner's insurance, you will be given a declaration page which outlines the details of your policy.

How To Switch Insurance Companies

If you're ready to say goodbye to your current insurance company to find a new insurer that better works for you then...

What is an Attractive Nuisance?

With summer quickly approaching, people are getting ready to spend more time outside. Families are preparing for road trips, beach days, and...

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