While the Rio Grande Valley is getting a taste of the cold weather, you may start to worry about your vehicle not adjusting well.

There are many things the cold can do you your vehicle, wind chill included. Read on to see how wind chill and cold temperatures can affect your vehicle.

What is Wind Chill?

Wind chill is “the lowering of temperature due to the passing-flow of lower-temperature air.”(source) So, it might be 40 degrees outside, but the wind chill can be as low as 25 degrees. This doesn’t mean that your vehicle will become 25 degrees colder than it is outside. It means that your vehicle will cool down as fast as if it was 25 degrees outside, but will never be colder than the overall temperature outside.

Often your local news and weather station will announce wind chill advisories and warnings for anyone who will be driving. Wind chill can also affect roadways, so caution should always be used when driving in cold weather.

How it Affects Your Vehicle

Cold weather has many different effects on your vehicle. Luckily, wind chill won’t have any significant effect on your vehicle.

However, if temperatures are cold enough, you may run into other problems like faulty batteries, engine strain, and tire pressure. Be sure to prepare for your vehicle for the cold weather to make your driving experience safe.

Payne Auto Group

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