What is a Collision Warning System?

Even the most experienced drivers need a little assistance now and then. Today’s car manufacturers are well aware of this fact, and so they’re hard at work, thinking up new safety features to help us avoid harm. One such feature? A Collision Warning System! They’re found in many of our newest models, and they can make a big difference in the safety level surrounding your drive. These Collision Warning Systems work in tangent with other safety features, creating an unbeatable safe ride. Read on to learn a little bit about Collision Warning Systems and how they can help you drive more safely each time you take to the wheel.

What is a Collision Warning System?

Collision Warning Systems are exactly that – a system that warns you of an impending collision. This relatively-new safety feature is changing the way we drive, and has already come to the aid of many a driver. As time passes, a growing number of car companies are realizing the value in this nifty feature.

The system uses a combination of radar, lasers and/or cameras to monitor upcoming objects and driving speed. Once a collision seems imminent, the collision system will alert the driver, giving them just enough time to prevent it. The benefits of such a system are quite obvious, which is why Payne Auto Group is proud to carry a variety of cars carrying this feature, throughout our Rio Grande Valley dealerships. If you feel like you may be able to benefit from this additional sense of security, speak to one of our trained sales specialists. They can help you locate a car that may be just right for you.

Ford, Volvo and Chevrolet are just a few of the car brands incorporating Collision Warning Systems to their vehicles. And with more and more affordable models to choose from, you’re sure to find one that’s just your style.

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