Commercial insurance is a must for many businesses. But what if your business is strictly online? Can commercial insurance still protect your business, or can it do without?

What is Commercial Insurance?

Commercial insurance is coverage for businesses against potential losses through unforeseen circumstances and for coverage in the event of an interruption of business or injured employees.

Does My Online Business Need Insurance?

Insurance can protect against you against liability threats like accusations of plagiarism, security breaches in customer information, or copyright infringement. Insurance can also protect online business owners from loss of income due to Internet or hosting failures.

What Types of Policies Are Available for Online Businesses?

There are plenty of options for online business owners to choose from like Cyber Liability that protects your company in the case of a data breach and can cover expenses in ransomware, business interruption costs, computer restoration, public relations help, legal fees.

Commercial general liability is comprehensive insurance that provides coverage for injuries incurred on the property, property damage, and legal fees.

Employment practices liability covers business owners from discrimination, wrongful termination, harassment, invasion of privacy, negligent evaluation, mismanagement of employee benefits, and miscellaneous employment-related issues.

These are just a few policies that are offered to online business owners. Be sure to speak with your insurance agent to find the best policy for you and your business.

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