When traveling in your vehicle you should be prepared for whatever may happen. From a flat tire to a serious accident, here are a few things you should keep in your vehicle for emergencies.

First Aid Kit

It’s always good to keep a first aid kit in your vehicle. This can help you and any passengers quickly mend small cuts, relieve bug bites, or even have emergency medicine. Ready-made first aid kits are found at most supermarkets like Walmart and HEB.

Tool Kit

A basic car emergency tool kit is also a great thing to have in your vehicle. Some tools you should include in your emergency tool kit can be a jack & lug wrench, screwdriver, duct tape, WD-40, antifreeze, pliers, tire gauge, tow rope, and jumper cables.

Emergency Tools

If you happen to become stranded, or stuck inside your vehicle, getting to safety is now your top priority. Consider keeping these items in your vehicle to help you in emergency situations: emergency flares, reflective triangles, flashlight, fire extinguisher, knife, pepper spray or taser, and a window-breaker/LifeHammer.

Comfort Kit

It is a great idea to keep a comfort kit in your vehicle. A comfort kit is everything you might need to stay comfortable while waiting for help. These items include a spare change of clothes, blankets, gloves, snacks, water, paper towels, toilet paper, and a portable car changer/ solar phone charger. If you frequently travel with children, be sure to pack some things for them as well.

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