We love our cars; they take us where we need to be. We want to make sure they’re in tip-top condition, so we put work into them when needed. From replacing the tires, to getting them inspected, and fixing the break pads . We even wash them routinely so that they look as new as the day you bought it. Believe it or not, a lot of vehicles out on the road are actually pretty high in mileage. So to cater to the needs of these troopers, High Mileage oil for cars was invented.

You may not be totally familiar with what High Mileage oil is. And we don’t blame you! Not to worry, though. Here’s a little information about what High Mileage oil is, what it does, and whether or not it’s a good option for your vehicle.

What is High Mileage Oil?

High Mileage was created with a special chemical blend of oils and preservatives that were made to make sure that there is an added extension of life to your vehicle. This powerful creation helps in protecting your vehicle from oil burn-offs, and damage created by engine deposit build-up, sludge and friction.

“But what makes a high mileage oil change different from any other oil change?” you ask. Well, the main distinction in this oil change is that it contains a seal conditioner. The seal conditioner basically protects the breakdown of your car due to leakage.

“What kind of damage are we looking at here?” you wonder. Well, according to an interview conducted by Auto Guide, rubber bits and pieces inside a vehicle’s power plant can become very fragile over time. This often leads to the formation of cracks. Once this transpires, seepage and leaks will begin to occur. This problem could be pretty taxing on your pockets. If your vehicle is already exhibiting these behaviors, you’ll more than likely see the disappearance of any leakage with a minimum of two oil changes.

It’s typically recommended that high mileage oil be used on vehicles with more than 75,000 miles on the odometer. Although this price may be a bit more than that of conventional (coming to our dealership, you’re looking at $39.95 plus tax which applies up to 5 quarts), the benefits this oil change provides will be well worth more than the expense.

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