Protecting your home and assets are extremely important. When deciding how to protect your home and assets, you may come across having to choose between home insurance or home warranty. So what’s the difference?

Home Insurance

Home insurance covers a variety of things regarding your dwelling, belongings, or personal liability. If your home or belongings are damaged or stolen, then your home insurance will kick in and help cover any repairs or replace stolen items. All home insurance policies are different depending on the agency, so be sure to go over any and everything regarding the policy you are interested in.

Home Warranty

Home warranties generally cover any appliances only. So if an appliance in your home, such as an oven or heater, stops working, a home warranty will then pay to fix or replace the appliance. Home warranties can also be extended to protect outside appliances and structures like outdoor ovens or pools.

What’s Better?

Home insurance and home warranties should go hand in hand. Home insurance may not cover everything you need covered, while a home warranty doesn’t protect you from certain perils or liability.

Be sure to go over any fine print in your home insurance policy and adjust any home warranties to fit with your insurance policy, and vice versa. Doing this can keep your home and assets safe and covered in case of damage, theft or anything else that may occur.

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