There are many types of wheel rims that all require different maintenance requirements. Before you go for the tried and true “soap and water” to clean your wheels, check out these helpful tips that can make your rims sparkle by using household items!

Aluminum Rims

Get rid of road dirt, grease and tar by using a degreaser and cleaners like dish detergent and baking soda! Mix your dish detergent with equal parts water and clean your rims using a soft cloth. Then sprinkle baking soda on the rough side of a sponge and go over your rims again, and finally rinse off.

Be careful though, as baking soda and the rough side of the sponge are abrasive and could scratch your rims.

Alloy Rims

Get rid of tough grease and dust on alloy rims by using a heavy-duty oven cleaner. Oven cleaner is strong enough to cut through oil, rust, water, and mineral stains. Once you coat your rims with the cleaner, wait the allotted time frame before cleaning away with a soft bristle brush and water. Dry with a soft microfiber cloth.

Oven cleaner is an irritant, as well as toxic. Be sure to wear adequate protection and clean your area after you use the cleaner.

Chrome Rims

A great cleaning hack you can use from chrome rims is white vinegar! White vinegar cuts through dirt and oil, and can get rid of streaks, stains and tarnish. Use equal parts of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle and spray your rims with it. After a good coating, go in with a clean microfiber cloth and wipe off the solution.

Not Sure What To Use?

If you’re not sure what your rims are made of, you can always use soap and water to clean your wheels and rims.

Always wear protection when cleaning your vehicle, as most anything you use can be an irritant to your skin. Always read the product’s directions before you use them on your vehicle. Doing this can prevent corrosion and abrasive chemicals from affecting your vehicle.

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