Your vehicle is one of the most important possessions you can own. From daily commutes to work, grocery shopping, gas stations, and more, the inside of your vehicle can gather germs, dust, and debris as you get in and out.

Here are a few tips on what to clean and how to disinfect the inside of your vehicle!

What You Should Clean & Disinfect

Germs are everywhere and some of them can make you incredibly sick. Germs can transfer through the air and by touch-transferring. Here are a few things you should consider disinfecting and cleaning on a daily/weekly basis.

Cabin Air Filter

Your cabin air filter brings in air from the outside of your vehicle to cool or heat the inside of the vehicle. Mold spores, dust, dirt, pollen, and germs can all stay stuck in your filter and can create bad air quality if not changed. The general recommendation for changing the cabin air filter is once a year or every 15,000-25,000 miles.


Food crumbs, dirt, debris, germs, and other microorganisms can live and grow in your vehicle’s upholstery. Detailing your vehicle should be done every month, and removing trash and disinfecting surfaces (dashboards, steering wheel, touch screens, shifters, etc) should be done on a daily basis.

Car Keys

Your keys go with you everywhere when you leave your home. Germs can transfer from any surface to your keys to your hands. Be sure to disinfect your keys as often as possible, either by washing with soap and water, or wiping down/spraying with disinfectant.

Cleaning Tips for Inside Your Vehicle

Frequent cleaning can help protect you and your passengers when traveling in your vehicle. Along with cleaning the inside of your vehicle, be sure to practice safe hygiene, like washing your hands.


Your vehicle’s interior should be vacuumed at least once a month. Be sure to vacuum under and between seats, any nooks, and crannies, and any other place the vacuum can reach.


Along with vacuuming, be sure to shampoo the carpets, upholstery, and floor mats with upholstery shampoo. This can be done manually, with an upholstery cleaner vacuum, or even taking your vehicle to an auto detailer who will clean the entire vehicle.


Some harmful germs and viruses can live for days or weeks on exposed plastic, vinyl, and metal surfaces. Disinfect these surfaces regularly with a DIY disinfectant, disinfectant wipes, of disinfectant sprays like Lysol.

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