There are many things you can take care of online in this day and age and buying a vehicle is one of them!

Read below for some quick information on how to buy a vehicle online!

Set a Budget or Value Your Trade

Setting a budget should be the first step in the buying process. By setting a budget, you will know how much you can spend in all, or on a monthly payment. Consider factors like your credit score, any other ongoing payments, cost of interest on any loans, and any maintenance that will need to be done on the vehicle.

Another option is to value your trade which then takes the vehicle’s condition and local market factors for an estimate on trade-in value.

Get Preapproved

Getting preapproved can help you immensely when shopping for a new vehicle. Getting a pre-approved for a loan means that a lender is willing to give you a certain amount, at a certain rate, under certain terms. This is usually done through a preliminary application to a lender that reviews your credit, income, and other factors.

This then shows dealers that you have already passed the approval process and then are guaranteed to be granted a loan.


Once you’ve been preapproved and have set your budget, it’s time to start shopping. Check out new and used inventories online to see what dealers have in stock. Payne Auto Group offers online customers a quick link to the vehicle’s history report.

Connect with Online Agents

Once you have found the vehicle you’re interested in, get connected with an online agent. Payne Auto Group customers can connect to agents via our Facebook platforms, such as Facebook messaging.

Once connected to an agent, they will lead you down the finishing touches of finalizing your online purchase. Payne Auto Group also offers delivery for customers once they purchase!

Customers should ask about our Payne Promise & Payne Price Match on vehicles they are interested in.

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