Keeping your car maintained regularly can keep you from making expensive repairs down the road.

Here are a few signs your vehicle needs service!

Engine Warning Light

Usually, the first sign your vehicle needs maintenance is if your engine warning light comes on. When the engine light comes on, this could indicate any number of problems from a loose gas cap to a misfiring engine.

Weird / Strange Noises

If you’ve been driving your vehicle for a while, you should be familiar with the types of noises it makes. If you notice a new noise coming from under the hood or the exhaust, you could be looking at some maintenance issues that need to be resolved.

Smoke or Steam

If the weather outside isn’t freezing, your vehicle shouldn’t be emitting any sort of visible smoke or steam when turned on. If you notice any kind of smoke coming from under the hood, stop your vehicle and check the temperature gauge. If the smoke is blue in color, this could be burning oil and needs to be fixed ASAP. Excessive smoke from the exhaust could signal an oil leak and needs to be addressed quickly.

Unusual Vibrations

When your vehicle is on, you should expect to feel vibrations as the vehicle moves. But if you experience severe vibrations from the steering wheel or cabin area when you hit a certain speed, this could indicate various problems from your tires to joint problems that need to be addressed ASAP.

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