There is a lot that goes into planning the perfect vacation and making sure everything runs smoothly is key.

To help things run smoothly, even in the event of trouble, travel insurance should be a top consideration. Keep reading for helpful tips on how to use travel insurance.

What is Travel Insurance?

While travel insurance won’t prevent trouble for happening on your vacation, it can help ease any financial costs of dealing with that trouble.

Whether it be an unexpected illness, lost/ delayed baggage, or medical treatment, travel insurance can cover these risks.

Be sure to get your travel insurance policy

How to Use Travel Insurance

If an emergency situation arises, it is still important to alert local authorities in the case of a robbery or accident. Or seek medical attention in the case of sickness or injury.

Travel insurance policies usually contain a 24-hour emergency number that works seven days a week. Callers will then be connected with an assistance provider for further instruction.

Be sure to save any receipts you may have that prove delays in transportation or luggage. This will help expedite the claims process. If any cancellations happen, be sure to contact the travel supplier for reimbursement or a copy of the contract if needed.

File any claims as quickly as possible. Many insurance providers have a deadline of when claims can be filed after an incident. Be sure to have adequate documentation of the incident that occurred when filing the claim. If not, the claim might be denied or take a long time to process.

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