At Payne Autogroup we love entrepreneurs. The Entrepreneurial spirit is what drives our economy, and on November 17, we want to take time to recognize those individuals that keep America moving. Despite the hard times, the pandemic, the need to adapt and readjust, you are out there, continuing to build your business and thrive. And we want you to know we appreciate your business savvy and spirit!

You are job creators. The more the merrier when it comes to employment, and as more small businesses form, more jobs become available.

You keep the economy moving. Entrepreneurs create millions of jobs and pay taxes on sold goods, employees, and imported goods. Tax revenues help everyone!

You’re solving problems in your community. Entrepreneurship sparks creative innovations to improve the quality of an existing service or product, or invent something entirely new. Either way — the result serves the greater good of consumers and the marketplace.

We encourage everyone to support their local business women and men in their community. What can you do to celebrate our Rio Grande Valley entrepreneurs?

Shop local! Attending local markets, pop-up shops, or industry events are a great way to get in touch with what’s developing in your city. Not to mention, it’s a fun way to network.

Start your own business! Thinking of a possible business idea? Start researching competing companies or similar businesses in your city and test out the possibility of success!

Give a shout-out on social media! Whether you know an entrepreneur and want to celebrate their accomplishments, or admire an industry leader for their work, help spread the word about National Entrepreneurs Day and why it’s a day we all can celebrate.

Keep doing business!