I know you don’t need a reminder, because you’re an upstanding citizen! But others might forget to buckle up, and that’s the message that the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), Uber and Volvo are hoping to spread today with the creation of the first National Seat Belt Day, a public safety movement encouraging drivers and passengers to firmly fasten their seat belts.

Four out of five rideshare passengers say they don’t always use their seat belt in the backseat, a number that Uber would like to see drop in the near future.

According to the GHSA, reported seat belt use has skyrocketed in recent years, increasing from 58% in 1994 to 90% in 2018. Meanwhile, refusing to wear a seat belt remains incredibly dangerous, with 47% of passenger fatalities occurring to individuals not wearing seat belt.

November 14 marks the anniversary of the invention of the three-point seat belt, this was a major safety innovation that has saved millions of lives. It’s only proper that National Seat Belt day land on this day!