When you arrive at a gas pump, you may see several types of fuel ranging from unleaded, super unleaded, premium unleaded, E85 (ethanol), or diesel.

While you may be familiar with the gas your vehicle needs, what happens if you accidentally put the wrong fuel in your vehicle?


When someone puts the wrong type of gas in their gas tank, it is classified as ‘misfuelling.”

Misfuelling doesn’t always cause damage though. If a vehicle calls for unleaded gasoline, a driver can add premium unleaded gasoline instead and not expect any damage.

However, if a vehicle requires premium gas or diesel and ‘regular’ gas is put into the vehicle instead, significant damages will occur.

How to Fix a Misfuelling Problem

If you realize that you put the wrong type of fuel in your vehicle there are a few steps you must immediately take.

  • Do not turn your vehicle on
  • Put your vehicle in neutral and push to a safe place
  • If you have breakdown coverage, call your insurer
  • Have your vehicle towed to a mechanic for further maintenance

It is extremely important you do not start your vehicle if you accidentally put the wrong type of gas in your tank. Your vehicle will grind to a halt and cause more damage if you continue to drive with the wrong gas.

Once you get to a mechanic, the mechanic will then drain and flush out your vehicle. If the damage is severe, more comprehensive repair will have to be done, like parts replacement. Potential damage can extend to the fuel pump, injectors, catalytic converters, fuel tank, carburetor, valve guides, and valve seats.

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