Owning an RV opens up your travel plans exponentially! Think of your RV like a moving house, and like a house, your RV needs insurance.

But when is RV insurance required? And what kind of insurance are there for an RV? Keep reading for helpful tips on how to protect your RV and travel without worry!

RV Insurance Requirements

In Texas, RV’s are required to have a minimum amount of liability coverage of $25,000 maximum property damage, $60,000 maximum injury, and $30,000 maximum for each injured person.

However, there are some special cases that require a separate RV insurance policy. Some of these special cases are:

  • The RV is a motorhome (Class A or B)
  • The RV is being financed
  • The RV is being rented

Do I Need RV Insurance?

If your RV is towable and not driveable (Class C) or you own your RV and live in a state with different/no insurance requirements, then RV insurance is optional.

If you are using your RV for travel, it’s important to protect yourself and your passengers from any harm. It’s also important to have liability insurance to save you from paying out of pocket for any damages done in an accident.

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